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Economics Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Economics - Term Paper Example2.2 Economy of North America...7The topic covers opportunities for allocation of metropolis as a scare resource that has to be allocated in many another(prenominal) ways. Others see prospects in monopolistic environment, while others perceived the pure and natural monopoly more advantageous for their special(prenominal) intention.Economies of countries differ because of economies of scale. This results to differences in GDP of poor and rich countries. We also see that aggregate demand is alter by price levels that either lowers or raises income and eventually influences balance of trade. Also, we have come at a conclusion that capital is the backbone of any business, but there are several decisions needed beforehand a business could be established.Economics is a social science that studies production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. By extension economics also studies economic system, human welfare the creation and distribution o f wealth, and the scarcity and alternate(a) uses of resource. Under this definition, this study looks at the different market structure in a monopoly environment, examines the economy of selected countries, and studies the capital structure of business in order to understand the process of distribution of wealth.A monopolistic argument is a form of an imperfect competition which results from the differentiation of products by sellers. Dean, J. (p. 51) describes monopolistic competition as a situation where there are many sellers and no one can claim of control of major(ip) part of the common commodity. For example, McDonalds cannot claim a monopoly of hamburger sandwich as many others are change the same product. McDonald differentiates its product thru advertising and promotion. Chart below shows a monopolistic competition which shows that on a short run basis, profit margin is comfortable for

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The chinese economy in may 2013 Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The chinese economy in may 2013 - Research Paper Example concord to a report by Anderlini, the rise noted in May is the eighth record of sequential improvement of the economy with the expansion famous from the over 50% mark in the PMI. This trend implies that the Chinese economy is expanding and hence providing incentives to investors. HSBC manufacturing PMI was 49.2 in May, compared to 50.4 reported for April with a Median forecast of 49.6, which is actually a contradiction within the sector. Exports equally moved from 48.6 in April to 49.4 in the month of May (Anderlini, 2013, para 1-13). However, despite the notable slight expansion, IMF has lowered their expectation of the Chinese economic expansion from the initial 8% for this category to close to lower figure of 7.75%. Hsu from the Taipei Times reports that HSBC speculates the current trends observable in the performance of Yuan currency, which pass on lead to full conversion of the currency by 2017. This is evident from the deliberate move by the regime of China to increase flexibility of exchange rates and simplification of the cross boarder dynamics for worry transactions (Hsu, 2013, para 1-6). With these speculations, the use of the Yuan currency would be more acceptable across borders, which would read to higher economic performance. The cost price index (CPI) in China for the month of May 2013 put down a decline from 2.4% to 2.1% and left low - the phenomenon was explained by the moderating food prices experienced, opus inflation in service industry remained mildly at 2.8% for the month, because of salary and wage increases. The overall reaping domestic crossway (GDP) for the month of May shows a slight reduction in comparison with the prior month. This is partly explained by a notable reduction in investment within the property and manufacturing sector of the economy. However, there was a disparity in industrial performance with the tertiary industry remaining unchanged within the ma rket, while the primary and secondary industries recorded a decline. The decline in PMI indicates a constriction in the world(a) manufacturing sector as per the month (UOB Kay Hian, 2013, 2-7). Lower than 50% of PMI indicates that the economic manufacturing sector has constricted as compared to the preceding month, while a record of PMI (which is above 50%) is an indicator that the economy has expanded in that month as compared to the preceding one. According to China macro Flash June 3rd 2013 publication, the notable 7.8%YoY GDP growth in 2Q together with the improved performance in PMI are negative indicators to investors that the government would not clear on cutting the interest rates, as earlier forecasted with the prior performance (Cheng, 2013, 1 Anon, 2013, 4). Moreover, according the Korea Macro Flash June 3rd 2013 publication, the export growth in China for the period between April and May this year increased from 16.1% YoY to 16.6% YoY. Chinas exports rose by +1.0% in M ay from a year earlier, compared to an increase of +14.7% reported for April (Karunungan and Kim, 2013). On the other hand, the import growth in China declined from 8.3% in April to 5.5% in May 2013 showing a negative improvement by 2.4 % YoY (Chang, 2013, 3). Chinas imports fell by -0.3% in May since the last year, compared to an

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W8 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

W8 - Assignment ExampleThe author further asserts that such profits unfreeze after the competitors copy the innovations. The system swallows up ideas and changes them into a well-digested fodder for everyday productivity. He therefore, calls the introducers of these changes entrepreneurs, the business trailblazers or risk takers. He also noned that competition al styles forced down the prices leading to the crowning(prenominal) disappearance of profits. He describes entrepreneurs as talented specialists who differ from politicians or military leaders as the gild treats them as social pariahs or upstarts. They, therefore, reside turn upside the limelight, fond of dynasties and are not motivated by riches or titles.As the economy grows to complexity, senior managers are faced with uncertainties. Frank Knight pointed out that risk and uncertainties are different. His thesis stated that entrepreneurs are better at peering into the improbability that does not intend that they are ef ficient since it can neither be observed nor quantified. His argument rested in uncertainty, not efficiency. Knight argues from an abstract concept of uncertainty. His theory could be improved by minimizing contracting and supervisory salute to create efficacy.Schumpeters driving force is his accolade to the talented few. Another intriguing possibility is that he imbued with elitist notions that have created this paradigm as a means of self-glorification. He sees himself as the swami of elitism. He begs the question of economic science by reducing it to one quibble Do economists merely compartmentalize the facts about life the way we know it, or they serve as visionaries? Is economic function analytical or predictive? He opted to lay out a vision for the future generations rather than being mundane with money matters. He produced a passionate interest in the captains of industries.Schumpeters argues that

Top 10 Characteristics of a Multicultural School Environment Essay

Top 10 Char minuteeristics of a Multicultural School purlieu - Essay ExampleThis essay approves that the first placed characteristic is re bothy important because children need to happen upon the correct social skills in order to interact with all other races in society. Secondly, any argument material needs to be free of any bias because children will learn from their school experiences and act it out as adults. Thirdly, the school needs to have an open and inclusive policy for those who are paganal minorities because they would be feeling pressured about their position in school and society as a whole. Next, there should be no glass ceiling concerned the academic achievements of a child, no matter what ethnic background they are from.This paper makes a conclusion that fifth, the students must be taught how interacting with different cultures can be beneficial because it allows teaching and character building. After this, teachers or administrators should feel empowered to alte r their teaching strategies to gibe the needs of their students. Seventh, teachers should not show any bias against any ethnic group and should treat all students equally. Next, the makeup of the faculty should be representative of society as a whole. Second to last, students should critically weigh about the strengths and weaknesses of their own culture by applying theoretical skills.Finally, the faculty needs to be open to eruditeness off other cultures so that their own teaching skills may be enhanced. The faculty, administrators, and other staff mold themselves as learners enhanced and changed by understanding, affirming, and reflecting cultural diversity.

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Health Care Organization and Random Drug Testing Essay

Health Care Organization and stochastic Drug Testing - Essay ExampleConsequently, the use of drugs such as alcohol and others like opioids that may impair the expertness of performance and accuracy of service delivery is something that is not tolerated with the ethics and professionalism code. Another classical arguments made is that there is no difference between the health care professional that sells the drugs meant for patient and the oneness that uses the drugs. The latter is dangerous to keep because he or she deplete the stock and also impair the capacity unlike the former who only deplete the stock (Follin, 2004)On resolving whether the random drug examen should be imposed, the strategy, to bring a stop, is very essential. The act is first unethical and unprofessional. The use of drugs such as alcohol and others meant for patients is an issue that is against the core value of any rational hospital. The health professionals that use the drugs can considerably be identif ied by their colleagues because the use of addictive drug is a habit that can be easily identified without carrying out lab tests. It is believed that carrying out random tests will step on the cover of the medics and the respect that can demoralize them. According to Fevre & Robinson (2012) a demoralized medic is worse than an addict who is inebriated with the addictive drug speckle in service.In summation, the use of drugs such as alcohol while in service for the patient is unethical and unprofessional. The safety of the patient should be a priority. The addictive drugs employment is a habitual act that can be identified by colleagues and warning done in the first place an action is taken. Use of the random testing will demoralize the medics making their performance low unspoiled as the addictive

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An Examination of Community Acceptance in Shirley Jacksons The Lottery Essay

An run of Community Acceptance in Shirley Jacksons The Lottery - Essay ExampleThus, the entire community evolves into a fantastical entity consuming itself, the ramifications of which hinge upon the acceptance of the individuals involved, as will soon be examined. Yet a way out cannot happen without cause. Therefore, unrivaled must examine some(prenominal) the origins of the lottery as well as its ongoing impact, as will be discussed through the course of this paper.To understand the full impact of the lottery upon the community, one must first understand what the ritual and the black box represent. They symbolize, in a more neo from, the reputation of society to uphold onto ceremony beyond the origins of its purpose. This is comparable to the pagan holidays that survived the arrival of the Christian calendar by either being adopted under a new guise or tolerated scorn disapproval. The former exists in such parallels of Christmas or Easter to traditional seasonal celebration s the latter is found in the example of Halloween. The lottery itself falls more in the realm of Halloween - indeed, is held in the same area apply for Halloween activities - as it seems an act of sacrifice whose origins no one can recall. Yet the superstitious adherence is unmixed not only in the fact that it is still practiced, but also in the reverence with which the citizens hold the box, which despite its dilapidation, is believed to contain portions of the original box used by the founders of the settlement. Other aspects of the effect the tuneless warble that had been rattled off duly every year, as well as a ritual toast given by the official prior to each participant drawing from the box, only reinforce both the ritualistic and pagan aspects of the sacrifice. Perhaps sometime(a) Man Warners saying of Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon. is most exact roots of the process. Regardless, the fact that these social pleasantries, along with other traditional paraphernalia, accept been retracted indicates that whatever fear initiated the lottery originally made a strong enough intuitive feeling in the collective psyche that the ritual is continued beyond its need. The lottery has become the appendix of the civil body useless, its purpose obsolete yet still deadly.Whatever the initial justification for this yearly atrocity, the sure evil is its continuation, both in blindly following tradition without reason and the social pressure of conformity. Old Man Warner, as the eldest member of the community, seems to represent the general opinion of the community, calling the north village a pack of crazy fools for discussing a cessation of their lottery, prophesying a regression to dwelling in caves if the abandon this element of civilization. The most frightening aspect of the entire event is the casual aspect of human nature regarding public execution. Hangings have been cause for morbidly lighthearted social gatherings for centuries however, the blas a ttitude the villagers have about an event that may very well cause their own demise is chilling. It is a comment on the flagitious feedback loop that the lottery has caused, for, once the necessity of the sacrifice is accepted without question, the community accepts it as just another(prenominal) civic activity. Being selected by the lottery is then like jury duty, or quite a being drafted, with the understanding that the individual

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Human Rights and English law (LLB) Without security there can be no Essay

valet de chambre Rights and English law (LLB) Without bail there shadow be no liberty Discuss, with particular reference to the legislative measures on terrorism since - Essay exerciseToday, terrorism has become almost part of our lives. People are simultaneously worried about security and individual immunity. Politicians are worried about both too. We can see the contrast between the lug Party Manifesto and the aftermathCitizens should have statutory rights to enforce their human rights in the UK courts. We will by statute incorporate the European Convention on Human Rights into UK law to bring these rights home and abide our people access to them in their national courts. The incorporation of the European Convention will establish a floor, not a ceiling, for human rights. emphasis added 1997 Labour Partys General Election Manifesto.Erosion of Human Rights started with the fight against terrorism. There is also an added fear that erosion of human rights could be counter prod uctive. People detained under harsh conditions, on the basis of secret accusations, which they could not refute, harassed or tortured could create a backlash in the society. But can the country risk its security in the name of freedom? If so, how far can it go without endangering itself? How much protection can security agencies offer without additional powers and how risk-free are these draconian powers? Which is more important, liberty or security of the nation?Since September 11th, 2001, Government passed umpteen laws, even though there were toughest laws in place already. Crime and Disorder Act of 1998, Youth umpire and Criminal Evidence Act, 1999, Regulation Investigatory power Act, 2000, Terrorism Act 2000, Anti Terrorism, Crime and pledge Act, 2001, Criminal Justice and Police Act, 2001, Proceeds of Crime Act, 2002, Criminal Justice Act, 2003, Asylum and Immigration Act, 2004, and bar of Terrorism Act, 2005 are the various laws made for the security of citizens and prop erties of United Kingdom and there is no precariousness that they infringe on the personal liberty of citizens.We are particularly

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Apple Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 2

orchard apple tree - Essay ExampleThe slick study of Apple incorporation talked about by Baltzan and Phillips elucidates the general inventiveness by Apple Incorporation and Steve Jobs through information systems management. The case gives details on information systems management in four segments relating to Apple making the most on novel developments getting the most out of the iPod and in the future and iPhone bring about the accomplishment of Apple (Baltzan & Phillips, 2009). Previous to the establishment of iTunes and the iPod, the Corporation had dropped out of competition. Novel make-ups for instance Napster had capitalized on the novel development of making use of computers to create audio CDs. Subsequent to discovering its position, Apple and Sound Scan created iTunes with the use of school of thought systems.Apple has acquired the potency to take over ISM systems by integrating skill, business and amusement into a solitary class.Present study has signified that Apple is the peak supplier for portable MP3 Players. From 2001, Apple has traded six cardinal songs from the beat when they initiated (OBien, 2005).The structure of organization of apple with its international presence and diverse domains in the industry of electronics would conduct a method of information dissemination, which permits accessibility of accurate information to the necessary persons and at the appropriate time to guarantee that the business choices embarked on by them are constant and accompanied with apposite accessibility of information.The gravestone objective has at all times been to be the leader of innovation. The equivalent value expands even to the system in which they deal with their interior communication which platforms their dominance. According to this conception the majority of the developments, which are virtualized, as the organization deems that virtualization is the aspect, which will offer the

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Situational Analysis of International or Global Marketing Environment Essay - 1

Situational abridgment of International or Global Marketing Environment - Essay Example cone-bearing inherent Grocers deal with pictorial and inorganic mathematical products, and offers competitive prices while ensuring high character reference services to customers. cone-bearing Natural Markets is characterised by rapid growth, which can be confirmed by its twenty-three stores in nineteen locations in Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico. Evergreen Natural Grocers achieved total annual revenues amounting to $175 million and net income from investment of $4.3 million during the financial ending December 2012 (Doyle, 2012). Evergreen Natural Grocers has adopted an expansive strategy for growth. The fellowship has identified a potential market in Canada for selling its products. Five Porters Analysis of the Canadian Market Threat of New Entrants The supernormal profits earned by the Evergreen Natural Grocers will attract the entry of new firms. Retail outlets such as Wal-Mart and Humana Inc. fork over began supplying intrinsic foods and supplements in the Canadian market parallel to Evergreen Grocers. The profits earned by Evergreen Grocers will trend towards normal and finally fall to break-even in the long-run (Hemmings, 2011). Sources of threat of new entrants include economies of scale, product differentiation, easy access to distribution channels and lenient government policy. Threat of Substitute commodities Most of the Canadians prefer consuming fresh-from-the farm products to the processed natural products. Businesses have engaged in extensive supply of substitutes for natural products supplied by Evergreen Grocers. The Canadian buyers have high propensity to substitute because of low switching be for consumer foods. The markets, therefore, are characterised by cutthroat rival where new substitutes are brought to market every day. Substitutes are similarly supplied in forms of direct medications meant to heal illnesses associated with the defe cts of malnutrition (Fisanick, 2010). Bargaining Power of Buyers The Canadian market comprises of enlightened buyers who are exquisite to price and quality changes. The buyers have the ability to put Evergreen Groceries under pressure, which has an effect in the buyers aesthesia to price changes (Raff & Schmitt, 2009). The Canadians have access to all market information and can force the reduction of prices in the event of failing to reflect the true value of the commodity. Bargaining Power of Suppliers Suppliers comprise the market for inputs such as raw materials, components, expertise, labour and energy. Manual labour exhibits features of scarcity in Canada due to low population growth rates, hence, labour is expensive to afford. The Canadian believe in the principles of total quality management their supplies in terms of raw materials and components are costly because they are prepared based on excellent quality standards. Employee solidarity through labour unions is very str ong in Canada, implying the bargaining power of suppliers is effective and all regulations related to labour supply must be adhered to all costs. Intensity of Competitive Rivalry Natural foods manufacturing units in Canada have embraced sustainable competitive advantage through intensive innovations. Most companies have gone online, and have online supply units to aid in marketing and supplying of their merchandise. The level of advertising expenses is high because of increased competition for advertisement airtime and strategic

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Buying fashion apparel (fashion merchandising) Essay

Buying mode apparel ( modality merchandising) - Essay Example, and constrictive clothes and accessories that were characteristic of the fashion that existed in the nineteenth century (Sterlacci and Arbuckle 41). Various fashion models and celebrities from all over the world have personified the products from this fashion house.The House of Chanel is synonymous with the little black dress and the suit along with a perfume that has save a lot of success (Willett 86). The participations utilization of jersey fabrics created comfortable garments which were affordable for the crisscross market. The company transformed the fashion industry including the high fashion and everyday fashion through displacement the structured silhouettes that were based on the corset with clothing that was functional while maintaining flattery of the figure of a woman.During the 1920s, the simple designs associated with Chanel popularized the flat chested fashions that were dissimilar from the hour-glass figure which had been popularised in the late nineteenth century (Willett 86). The company utilize manly hues like grey and navy blue to demonstrate fashion boldness of personality. The clothes associated with the company included quilted fabric as well as leather trimmings where this quilted aspect is meant to reinforce the fabric, design, finish to create a cloth that maintains its form, and function when it has been worn. A case in dismantle of such a garment is the woollen Chanel suit that entails a skirt and cardigan styled suit which is knee-length, cropped with black fancywork decorations and golden buttons. The accessories that complement this garment were two-tone pump shoes together with jewellery, typically pearl necklaces and a dish made from leather material.Brand positioning starts with clearly understanding of the customers being tushed and describe them in toll of the prevailing usage patterns, demographic attributes as well as general objectives. Insight in t he objectives of the target population is particularly critical as

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The Government of Finland and Spain Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Government of Finland and Spain - Case Study ExampleThe two countries have some disparities in the accounting standards adopted. Moreover, the manner in which the International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) are adopted by these countries differ greatly. The level of adoption of the International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) in Spain is much long-playing than that of Finland. In Spain, a very strong legal culture persists where the administrative law is used to administer the public sector. The central government is the accounting regulator and any reforms in accounting standards. Any accounting standards that have to be incorporated in the countries accounting standards have to pass via a process of interrogation according to Spanish laws. The adoption rate is also slow because the influence from accounting professionals is weaker compared Anglo-Saxon countries (Brusca, Isabel, Vicente, and Danny 440).Looking at Finland, it has a very fast adoption rate as compared to Spain. Finland customs and tradition ensure that there is a common law that provides for the diffusion of accounting standards in the country. During the period of New Public Management, the Finnish government was among the first countries to like this type of accounting in the public sector. Also in this era, the Finnish government began to adopt the accrual-based type of accounting (Oulasvirta 277). This accounting model was more based on historic costs. Stressing on the historical cost principle, Finnish government stated its resources at the amount, which the business was acquired.

Investigating the effects of mutation on active site amino acids of Lab Report

Investigating the effects of regeneration on active site amino acids of beta-lactamase - science laboratory Report ExampleUsing these deuce techniques it is possible to synthesize a protein that will bind all desired target. As recent studies suggest, it is possible to add random peptide sequences into loops of ?-lactamase subsequently establishing the catalytic properties of the produced ?-lactamase derivatives. The same authors highlighted the circumstance that there is no correlation between tolerance to insertion and tolerance to mutagenesis. A turn between two ?-strands next to the active site was found to be inactive in random mutagenesis except demonstrated the opposite in insertions. The present work consists of three elements. Initially it is creating a construct (cloning a mutated gene into an expression vector) ?-lactamase a. using traditional cloning methods (overlapping PCR for mutagenesis, digestion, ligation). Then move on to Protein- Prep- expressing and isolating mutated ?-lactamase a, slip of construct into competent cells b and protein purification by GFC and IEC before, finally, move on to investigating the effects of mutation on the functionality of ?-lactamase a. Activity assay of mutants compared to those of the WT enzyme A Procedure Week 1 PCR- ground Design/PCR Mutagenesis devil sterile 0.2 ml PCR tubes were loaded with 5 L PFU buffer, 3 L dNSO, 2.5 L template, 0.5 L PFU, 26.5 L H2O each. Also, one tube was loaded with 5 L Reverse Primer and 5 L Forward Primer Mutant while the other was loaded with 5 L Forward Primer and 5 L Reverse Primer Mutant. 23 cycles of PCR were used to generate the required amount of the deoxyribonucleic acid sequence of interest. Denaturation, annealing, and annex represent one cycle of PCR. The maiden minute of DNA generation was conducted at 950C the second at 500C. The temperature for the following three minutes was raised to 720C with subsequent 10 minutes of elongation at 720C before finally cool ing down to 40C affording the crude product. Week 2 PCR Fragment refining and Restriction Digest A. The crude product produced on the previous stage was loaded into the wells of 0.4 % agarose jelly, the first run was conducted. All bends were cut and 330 L QG buffer was added. The mixture was heat till the gel dissolved completely after that transferred to the column and span for 2 minutes. 500 L QG buffer was added and spin was move for extra three minutes. 30 L EB buffer was added to dissolve DNA and spinning was continued for 2 minutes. In this way DNA was pulled through. B. To generate the required amount of DNA PCR was conducted. Each of the two sterile 0.2 ml PCR tubes were loaded with 5 L PFU buffer, 5 L Forward Primers, 5 L Reverse Primers, 2.5 LdNTP, 0.5 L pfu, L H2O. Also, one tube was additionally loaded with 5 L AB DNA (Forward mutant) while the other 5 L CD DNA (reverse mutant). On the next mean solar day the first tube was loaded with DNA 30 L, Eco R1 buffer 4 L, E co R1 - 1 L, Hind III- 1 L, H2O- 4 L and the second with 4 L vector, Eco R1 buffer 4 L, Eco R1- 1 L, Hind III- 1 L, H2O- 4 L. Both tubes were left at 370C overnight. Week 3 Restriction Fragment Purification/Ligation/nutrient agar Plate Preparation The gel run was initiated following purification of the previously generated DNA samples. DNA parsimony was measured and was found to be 5 L into 500 L. The following ligation was conducted. The ratio PCR/Vector was 3/1 Week 4 DNA Transformation/

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Hinduism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Hinduism - Essay ExampleVedas are meant to guide only the Hindus. The religion has really expanded its wings worldwide since its initiation. It is recollectd that consecration to the religion even interfered with the British stranglehold. This essay explains umteen of the facts and issues concerning Hinduism ritual. Hinduism is believed to have started in the Indus valley and a larger percentage of followers are found in India. Most of the facts and important issues about Hinduism are preserved in the Vedas. The Aryans took with them the Persian and the Western concepts to the Hindu culture. Hindus divinity were said to be normal supremacies of heaven and earth and they revered their gods via conducting animal sacrifices (Matthews 72-74). The Aryans gods were undimmed objects which portrayed nice things for human beings. Hindus believe that Asuras are evil powers that signify hurtful things to humans. Intermingling of Aryans and the natives (Dravidians) led to manduction of rit es and customs with the natives. However, most of the Hindus rituals are majorly formed by the Aryans culture and practices. The Aryan practices dominated the Davidians for reasons not known. close to scholars blame the Aryans dominant culture on stratification while opposites think that the Aryans were just superior to the natives (Rinehart 123-127). in that respect are four collections of the Vedas and the popular Veda is known as the Ring Veda. Other Vedas include the Yajur Veda, the Sama Veda, and the Artharva Veda. These Vedas have many different component parts in the religion. For instance, some Vedas drive away prayers and other information regarding devotion while others have flocks daily worries such as lust (Matthews 75-80). The Vedas are regarded as the basis and the roots for Hinduism since they contain variety of clarifications concerning the religion. The Hindus leaders are called Brahmins who execute rites under their powers. Brahmins have the responsibility of inspiring devotees and influence other people worldwide to favor their religion (Rinehart 123-127). Hindus have several gods that include the Agni that ascend from Purusha and the Indra deity, the Soma which is regarded as really important god and finally the Varina who is considered as the preserver of truth. There are some groups that tined from the original Hinduism such as Upanishads. Contemporarily, Hinduism has established four main goals which they regard as important in pursuing the peak of release in their lifespan. Hindus regard Dharma as the right way of living and perusing to achieve lasting happiness while Karma is considered as the law of cause and effect (Matthews 75-80). Bhagavad Gita came up with plain tracks for Hindu devotees to walk through. Bhagavad Gita was followed by the Puranas and the Tantaras which have engrained detailed information regarding the divinities and service to the deities. Hinduism is a very strange religion which greatly honors the Veda s as well as traditional customs and practices un alike(p) the Western religions that believe in the progress of events since their initiation. Hinduis believe that there are cycles of events that take place in their religion and that any(prenominal) is exact for the universe also applies to mankind (Fuller 62-65). The most interesting things about Hinduism are their rituals and symbols. Just like any other religion from across the world, rites and rituals are very important aspects of the religion. These rites and rituals play vital role in identification of the religion in question. To Hindus, most of these customs are compulsory but very flexible since devotees in different regions follow different customs. These rituals further ensure that the devotees do not go off the spiritual life

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Nuclear Power Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Nuclear Power - Essay ExampleSeveral countries have presented move views on the use of nuclear force owing to its vapourific nature. Nuclear energy is the single most(prenominal) powerful source of energy with the ability of powering the entire world effortlessly (Gibson 23). The discovery of the nuclear energy hence presents both advantages and disadvantages in equal measure. During the public debates, the proponents of the continued use of the nuclear energy establish their disputation on the ability of the energy source to single handedly replace all other sources of energy thereby saving the world economy. While their argument sounded realistic, such people failed to consider the numerous disadvantages of the use of nuclear energy. Liberal debates give both sides to a discussion thereby determining the winning side based on the number of points that each side earns. The most realistic argument therefore is the immediate abolishment of any nuclear related activity. Nuclear has greater potential than any country can maybe manage. This therefore makes the world unsafe some of the arguments to this effect are below. The ongoing debate globally is the climatic change and the effects of global warming. All these are results of befoulment of the atmosphere arising from the increasing use of dodo energy that produce a lot of carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas that reacts extensively with the ozone social class thereby depleting it. The invention of the nuclear energy therefore presents an opportunity of overturning the eventidets preceding the depletion of the ozone layer possibly resulting in a safer and more stable world. The incident that the world consumes billions of gallons of petroleum products daily equals the extensive nature of the pollution of the environment thereby making the world increasingly unsafe. Several international environmental bodies such as the Kyoto protocol have tried convincing different countries to emit more carbon monoxide gasses into the environment. A debate that the developed countries such as the United States of America, Japan and China strongly oppose owing to the fact that such policies may hamper their economies. Nuclear energy is white and renewable implying that it is not possibly exhaustible. It is therefore the only single source energy capable of sustaining the worlds economies while still maintaining the clean healthy environment. Despite the evident advantages of the use of nuclear energy, its use still requires extensive regulation even possible abolition. The widespread lack of trust makes no country safe enough to use nuclear energy. Nuclear is highly unstable yet with great potential, this implies that it requires greater capital for installation and maintenance in order to develop a safer environment for its effective use. Exposure of the nuclear elements in the environment results in immediate reaction to the elements in the environment thereby resulting in mass destruction and loss of lives. Japan, which is the most developed country in the eastern bloc, had all the financial resources to safeguard the use of nuclear as a source of energy (Adams 12). The country took every precaution including the development of an underground laboratory from where the volatile they handled the instable substance. However, the country did not consider the possibility of a natural disaster such as an seism. The earthquake that shook the ocean bed therefore broke the tanks in which they

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Pepsi Cola International (PCI) in Ukraine Essay

Pepsi Cola global (PCI) in Ukraine - prove ExamplePepsi Cola International (PCI) in Ukraine One of the major challenges faced by Pepsi Cola International in this region is the poor infrastructure because of which too much time is taken to distribute goods throughout the region. The other challenge that Pepsi has been facing in Ukraine is about storing of goods because of lack of sufficient warehouse. Pepsi has also problems in distributing its goods in village areas of the country as people in such regions are not able to create the supplies of Pepsi despite of the fact that they want to drink the Cola. With inefficient logistics and supply chain in the country, different intermediaries apply come up which are trying to capitalize on the situation by making the nigh of this opportunity and trying to sell the cola after keeping some profit. Thus, this is making the price of Pepsi to increase. In addition to this problems faced by one of the largest beverages companies of the worl d, firms in Ukraine have to face substantial tax array in the country as the tax is imposed on 90% of the total sales of the confederacy and therefore organisations are forced to misrepresent their actual sales and actual financial statements to improve their profitability. shortly the Coca Cola has built a bottling plant to capture the market of Ukraine despite of the fact that Pepsi has been the well-nigh favourite cola in the country for years. Therefore with the introduction of Coca Cola in the Ukraine market, the counseling is currently business practices and evaluating whether a change is necessary or not.

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Self-experiences influence the dealings of a Counselor Essay

Self-experiences influence the dealings of a Counselor - Essay grammatical caseThis is the tenability when I met one of my clients with a similar problem, I could understand with greater depth the reason for the occurrence of wo. My client had a problem with her life partner. He was strict, bold and very more than incline to hurting with thoughts and actions. Just like my teacher could make be lose self-confidence in myself, the clients life-partner could one at a time disrupt her self-confidence. I had a special sympathy for the case and a genuine interest in helping her out. This is because my own experiences have made me aware of how awing such experiences can be. I consequently held the clients case under sincere consideration and projected every possible help that I could extend. I remember when I use to be late for the class by point a division of a minute I was humiliated as though I was the most disobedient and do-nothing(prenominal) creature on earth. She hardly considered me as a human macrocosm with thumbings. The same thing was with my client, take down her little delay in cooking food for her partner resulted in a very controlling and practically cruel feedback from him. I understand how bad and depressed a person can feel because of the generations of such negative feelings within the boundaries of survival.The client had suffered a lot because of health reasons. However, the greater mention of sorrow for the client was the humiliations and dominant dealings of her partner. The inabilities to deal with harsh words were present in the client and were adequate a constant source of sorrow induction. I could understand the position of the client more so because I had similar experiences in my childhood and youth. Other than my strict teacher, my mother too held a very harsh way of dealing with me. The client too recollected from her past experiences the thoughts of pain, which had resulted in causing a painful presentation of life t o her. It is as well essential to note that the similarity in the dealings with the same source of sorrow could enable me to understand the position of the client with greater depth and clarity. A regular and round-the-clock source of putting her down was creating tons of mental tortures, which were well understood by both the words, and the expressions of the client. She also remembered how her partner had humiliated her in front of her friends when she was stuck in the wheel chair and could not manage in time slight movement because of the depression. She was not helped by her life-partner even in such a depressive position. This really brought much reason for her to weep bitterly. From this episode I remembered how my mother when once I was ill refused to even scram forth for me a glass of water for taking the medicine. In the unhealthy state of body, I tearfully gathered strength to take a glass of water for myself and take the medicine by self-effort. The affection was not so severe or chronic and therefore I was healed very concisely from it. However, I can never forget what pain it is when a person is ill and is not being supported. The sorrow of pain of body seems less than the pain of not being helped by others. A nonstop torture of words and actions had put me in such a phase that I could not even think of passing out my exams with good grades. There was so much of pain and torture in my life that I have no words to express the pain of my heart. The same was the condition of my client. My client had thought of

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The point in my career Essay Example for Free

The point in my career EssayI never prospect of myself as being confident or even reliable. It sounds worse than it is, I actually never committed to a melodic line or a project that I felt I could not spot. precisely I was at a point in my career or even in smell in general where I was ready for a major challenge. I applied for a job with a large school dominion in the area for an Associate theatre director position. This was a large-scale step for me since I always felt my work was nothing out of the ordinary. Part of the discourse process was to answer the question, why should we hire you. In my thought process I began realized the great achievements I have had in my previous jobs. I talked about my duties and responsibilities, my projects and accomplishments. I told them how I completed a 5 year back log that no one wanted to touch on my first triplet months of my first job. I recalled how appreciative school administrators were when I was able to help them underst and their school work out and financial condition.I explained my participation in developing an integrated financial system for the largest school district in the State. As I answered this question and many more like it, I realized that I am a reliable person that can take on challenges and be sure to complete them. I also told them about a 2 year program I completed in School Business Management. I am knowledgeable, innovative and dependable. My interview was beginning to be impressive. My confidence during the interview was obvious but appropriate.I ended up getting the job as Associate Director and I entered that position with great confidence. I knew I had the skills and determination to succeed in that position. I no longer doubted my reliability because in retrospect, I have been extremely reliable exceeding all expectations. I was able to accomplish major projects in that position and serve my employers and community well.

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Espresso Essay Example for Free

Espresso Essay burnt umber bean had been a part of the life of numerous an(prenominal) people. From pure cocoa to coffee blends, it has reached its way to the hearts of coffee lovers. According to the article of the International umber Organization entitled The Coffee Story, coffee begins with a goatherd named Kaldi. However, according to recent studies coffee was born on the plateaus of commutation Ethiopia and brought for development to Yemen. In Cairo and Mecca, the beginning of coffee ho handlings was first established. Since then, coffee became fervor rather than erect refreshment. M any coffee brewing rules ar developed to enjoy the real magic render of coffee.These methods ar the use of percolator, auto-drip, French press, Moka Italian stove top and espresso. Among these methods, the espresso is the most popular and widely used method by many of the coffee brewers and coffee houses in the world. Espresso or cafe espresso is a variation of harvest-festival of cof fee. The term espresso came from the word for express which means that it is immediately served or made for customers. It is a concentrated coffee beverage that is brewed under very hot water using a coffee that is between enormously fine and powder.In the early 20th century, it is developed in Milan, Italy which uses move contract up until the 1940s. boundary piston lever machine is bingle of the inventions that made espresso a better one. According to Espresso Coffee of the Coffee Research Organization, espresso can realize its true and perfect sagacity through the perfect combination of intravenous feeding factors the correct cranch of a coffee blend (Macinazione), the coffee blend or Miscela, the espresso machine (Macchina), and the masterly hand of the barista (Mano).With the right combination of these factors, the best espresso may attain which is described as extraordinarily loving with the real aroma of fresh ground coffee. A good coffee blend is one of the mast er(prenominal) priorities of various espresso progressrs to attain its perfect taste. The difference of espresso to different brewing process is the formation of the crema. Crema is the layer of bubbles that specify the aromatic compounds produced over brewing. To enjoy the aromatic taste of coffee it is essential to have an outstanding formulation of espresso blend.Many countries all over the world contribute to the perfect combination of espresso. Among those countries ar Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru and Panama. Coffees from these countries are used as base of coffees that gives the espresso its undeniably taste of sweetness. Certain countries like Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopian Harrar, and Zimbabwe likewise contributes to the variation of taste to add acidity, flavor, complexity and brightness. To add richness and body when blending, coffees from places of Asia like Java, Sumatra and New dago are considered.Roasting of coffee is definitely an important par t of creating a well-tasted espresso. In this chemical process, the aroma, acids and other flavor components is being changed to enhance the acidity, flavor and aftertaste of the coffee. Minimizing the bitter taste and acidity of the coffee is the focus of many coffee- base manufacturing factories today. They replaced the sweetness lost in the process of roasting by alternatives like add up of take out or other flavors that will make an espresso found drink more delectable.This is the reason why espresso based drink is more popular that straight or solely espresso. Also in this process, it is important to take down the sweetness by minimizing the carmelization of sucrose but not overlooking the roasting which degrade the bitter taste of the coffee. A good espresso grinding can be attained through the use of an espresso remove submarine sandwich and to grind it per order. Conical burr grinder is the most advantageous burr coffee grinder that is widely-used callable to its produ ct. It produces an increase in the surface area of each particle and augments the richness of the flavor.In coffee grinding it is important to tamp or fill the espresso as fast as possible. Allotted prison term of energizing of 15-20 seconds of the coffee grinder is required to maintain the freshly ground coffee to be used. An rootage time of 23-28 seconds is most possible to produce a ground size of a standard espresso coffee. In addition, humidness also takes part on the extraction time. The presence of moisture from the air can lengthen the extraction time. In espresso preparation, espresso tamping is frequently ignored.It is a process where a pellet of coffee is formed through the use espresso tamp and penetration of hot water uniformly. Proper espresso tamping is an important key to attain a spectacular espresso. But aside from this, the use of a correct espresso tamper is an evident one. The correct espresso tamper should be made of aluminum or any equivalent light metal t hat have a diam that will tightly fit the basket. Among the stores that have the neat product of espresso tampers is Vivaces. They also put on the market different sizes of pistons.Recently, Vivaces suggested the use a round bottom coffee tamper rather than the conventional traditional coffee tamping machines. The stability of temperature of the water inwardly the espresso machine is a applicable factor in attaining a good espresso coffee. Today, almost all of the commercial espresso machines have a proper temperature stability set-up. Use of an espresso with a large boiler tanks for brewing and steaming is an answer to the temperature stability area. However, many espresso makers believe temperature stabilizing can be practiced.Temperature stabilizing means that water inside the espresso machine is well-kept at a constant temperature. Overheated water or too much water inside the boiler is the point of ad cleanment an espresso tamping machine should gauge. Regular running water is the key to maintain the proper temperature stability. With this temperature stability, excellent product of brew of an espresso could be achieved. Cremas intensification in an espresso is brought about by the water pressure which is between 9 and 10 atm.Boiler pressure gauge on the other hand is the one responsible for checking the amount of water that should be integrated to the steam. Without the presence of this espresso pressure gauge, it will be out of the question to attain the aromatic and well sweetness of crema. Aside from this pressure gauge, other parts of the espresso machine correspond a vital role in forming a well taste coffee espresso. These parts are the portafilter, steam wand, keypad, tray, and sight glass. The portafilter which is made up of metal is the overall assembly of the spouts, handle and basket.The responsible for the expulsion of milk froth lies on the capacity of the steam wand. The water content that is forced through the steam is observed in t he boiler sight glass. Maintaining the cleanliness of the coffee machine is a great task any espresso maker is emphasizing but is forgetting in the process of do. It is equivalently important as the other factors in espresso making like blending and grinding. Assuring that the machine is well cleaned will probably increase the quantity of espresso based drinks customers.This will also make the machine more efficient in terms of product proficiency. Moreover, the burr blades of the espresso grinder should be regularly cleaned. Yearly replacement of the burrs must be observed to assured the select of the coffee granules that will be produced. Another factor to be considered in serving an espresso is its espresso cup. It must be pre-heated using other source aside from the espresso machine itself. If the cup is not pre-heated then the temperature of the water will be lowered thus uneven extraction of espresso might takes place.A magic hand of the barista and the fanatic love in maki ng espresso are the ones that make a good espresso coffee. The barista is the one that operates with the espresso coffee machine. It is considered as the most fundamental factor in espresso coffee making. A good barista should possess both heating plant and logical scientific character. If the barista loves doing the work or the job then he will probably make sure that he makes one of the best espresso coffees. In Italy and other parts of Europe, barista is considered as a profession.It is oft associated with the skills and knowledge that were passed through ages. In contrast with what is the tradition in European countries, American based barista is just an employment for young people and not really a career position. The proper stiffness of the grind, contain roasting to attain the extraordinary sweetness, correct water temperature and pressure, appropriate tamping and favorable environmental factors like humidity are perfect combination of a good espresso coffee. If the barist a recognized and possess all of these then a well-done espresso will be attain.With all the proper blending, roasting, grinding, quantifying and tamping the coffee, it will be more effectively extracted to attain a great espresso. Nonetheless, espresso making thus not end there. The barista is tranquillize the core of making a good and well-done espresso coffee. It is up to the barista to have a good combination of the ingredients and proper methods. However, there is still no perfect espresso. A well-done espresso making is a passion and not just a work to be able to earn money. It is for the love of coffee that man will experience to taste the perfect espresso.